Liqo desktop agent


The Liqo Agent is the component that allows desktop users to interact with Liqo in an easy, friendly way. It represents one of the two main entry points to the Liqo environment, along with the LiqoDash.

Liqo relies on several components running in the Kubernetes environment. Monitoring and managing the system directly might prove rather challenging for many users as it requires good knowledge about Kubernetes tools such as kubectl.

The Agent application aims to solve this problem, enhancing the Liqo experience of desktop users. By means of a menu accessible from the tray icon, they get access to a clean interface allowing them to control the status of their own Liqo and perform the most common operations. Moreover, thanks to the notification system, the user gets quickly informed about the main events, such as the arrival of a new Advertisement.


  • Show Liqo status information:
  • Manage Liqo Agent settings:
    • turn on/off notifications and choose how they would like to receive them:
      • silent notifications on the tray icon
      • tray icon in combination with desktop banners
  • Peerings and Advertisements management: using a ‘networks management -like’ interface, users can read the received Advertisements (offers).


  1. The current implementation of the two Liqo running statuses [ON/OFF] distinguishes them on the base of:

    • enabled notifications
    • display of the available peers section. Future implementations will provide the possibility to actually shut down and restart the entire framework.
  2. Currently, the Liqo Desktop agent supports only the Autonomous working mode.

For more information, take a look at the dedicated Architecture section.