Getting started

The fast path to Liqo

The following steps will guide you through a tour to learn how to install Liqo and experiment with its most notable capabilities.

  • Install Liqo: install Liqo on a first cluster (home cluster).
  • Peer to a foreign cluster: establish a peering with a second Liqo cluster (foreign cluster).
    • If you do not know who to peer with, you may need to install Liqo on a second cluster.
  • Exploit foreign resources: start an Hello World application to verify that the two peered clusters can actually share resources correctly and that you are able to run a pod in a foreign cluster.
  • Deploy a complex application: deploy a complex application based on multiple micro-services, to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of Liqo.
  • Uninstall Liqo: uninstall Liqo from your cluster.

In addition, Liqo provides a user-friendly Dashboard, which can be used to configure and inspect the most important parameters of the system.