Liqoctl Commands


liqoctl - the Liqo Command Line Interface


liqoctl is a CLI tool to install and manage Liqo-enabled clusters.

Liqo is a platform to enable dynamic and decentralized resource sharing across Kubernetes clusters. Liqo allows to run pods on a remote cluster seamlessly and without any modification of Kubernetes and the applications. With Liqo it is possible to extend the control plane of a Kubernetes cluster across the cluster’s boundaries, making multi-cluster native and transparent: collapse an entire remote cluster to a virtual local node, by allowing workloads offloading and resource management compliant with the standard Kubernetes approach.


      --client-max-burst uint   The maximum burst of requests in excess of the rate limit towards the API server. (default 100)
      --client-qps uint         The maximum number of queries per second performed towards the API server. (default 100)
  -h, --help                    help for liqoctl
  -v, --verbose                 Enable/Disable verbose mode (default: false)


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