Teardown the Playground

Uninstall steps

This procedure uninstalls Liqo from your cluster.

curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/liqotech/liqo/master/install.sh | bash -s -- --uninstall

NOTE: all Liqo resources (i.e. CRDs) will not be automatically purged, so you will not lose your discovered clusters. If you want to delete these resources after uninstallation, invoke the same script with the --purge flag set.

Purge all Liqo data

If you want all Liqo resources to be completely purged, add the --purge flag to the script invocation:

curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/liqotech/liqo/master/install.sh | bash -s -- --uninstall --purge

What happens to my deployed applications?

During the uninstallation procedure, the home cluster de-peers from each peered cluster, hence giving up to the foreign used resources. Nonetheless, the offloaded applications are automatically rescheduled on the local cluster: you will see them running locally in a few minutes.

Destroy clusters

To teardown the kind clusters, you can issue:

kind delete cluster --name cluster1
kind delete cluster --name cluster2