Advanced tutorial

The following steps will guide you through a tour to learn how to use the core Liqo features.

  • Set up the Playground: Deploy 3 KiND (Kubernetes in Docker) clusters.
  • Install Liqo: Install Liqo on all the above clusters.
  • Enable Peering: Setup a peering between the home cluster and the other remote clusters.
  • Selective Offloading: Offload a service on a selected remote cluster, using the Liqo selective offloading.
  • Managing hard constraints: Explain how Liqo handle the possible violation of the offloading constraints.
  • Change topology: Show how change which remote clusters are used for the offloading (without modifying the current peerings).
  • Access to remote services: Explain how the local cluster can contact Services whose Endpoints are running on remote clusters.
  • Dynamic topology: Show how Liqo reach to a cluster topology update (e.g., an existing peering is turned off).
  • Uninstall Liqo: Uninstall Liqo from your clusters.