Liqo Glossary

Liqo leverages CRDs to expose its API and store its state.


  • ClusterConfig: contains the Liqo Configuration.

Discovery and Peering

  • PeeringRequest: Notify a foreign cluster the interest to received subscription
    * Policy can be enforced manually (i.e. UI) for Advertisement broadcasting
  • ForeignCluster: represents the existence of a discovered (e.g.; in the LAN or via DNS) or manually added remote cluster to connect to.
  • SearchDomain: represents the DNS domain where cluster are searched.
  • Advertisement: represents the offer of resources from a foreign cluster to an home cluster.

Resource Sharing

  • SchedulingNode: encapsulates all complementary information about known peers from scheduling perspective. It is always associated to a corresponding node.


  • NamespaceNattingTable: keeps track of namespaces created on foreign clusters, mapping them to local cluster.