Peering Request Operator


This component manages PeeringRequest lifecycle during peering process


List of supported features

  • Accept incoming PeeringRequests
  • Starting from accepted PeeringRequests creates related Broadcaster Deployment


List of known limitations

  • There is no way to define which requests can be accepted and which not, currently accepts all of them
  • This component creates a new broadcaster for each PeeringRequest, it may be better to have a single broadcaster that manages multiple clusters

Architecture and workflow

There are two main components:

  1. PeeringRequestAdmission
    • validating webhook that take decision about accepting or not incoming PeeringRequest
  2. PeeringRequestOperator
    • reconciles PeeringRequests checking if a broadcaster for that name already exists, if not it creates it passing PR name as parameter


There are two init containers need by webhook to handle TLS certificate creation:

  1. The first one creates certificate and wait for their approval
    • the installer will accept it
    • if you are running without installer make sure to manually accept it
  2. The second one creates AdmissionWebhook resource on API Server


The workflow is quite simple:

  1. The webhook will accept or refuse incoming PeeringRequest from remote cluster
  2. The operator reconciles accepted requests and creates Broadcaster Deployment
  3. PeeringRequest is set as owner of Deployment, so we it will be deleted also broadcaster will be terminated